QUESTION 22 - 25


다음 중, a, b, c가 모두 알맞게 짝지어진 것은?


a. The first organized system that was used [to send / to sending] messages began in Egypt around 1500 B.C..

b. When [is chased / chased] by a large, hungry fish, the squid sends out a cloud of dark fluid.

c. This land has been donated to the school by Mr. John Smith, the son of the [late / lately] Tom Smith.


        (a)                       (b)                   (c)

① to send       -     is chased     -      lately

② to sending  -     is chased     -      lately

③ to sending  -     is chased     -      late

④ to send       -     chased         -     late

⑤ to send       -     chased         -     lately




(A), (B), (C) 각 네모 안에서 어법에 맞는 표현으로 짝지어져 있는 것은?


A blog differs from a traditional website in several ways. Most importantly, it is updated more (A) [regular / regularly]. Many blogs are updated every day, and some are updated several times a day. Also, most blogs use special software or websites which are specifically aimed at bloggers, so you don’t need to be a computer expert (B) [creates / to create] your own blog. This means that ordinary people who may find computers difficult to use can easily set up and start writing their own blogs. In 2003, the Internet company America Online (C) [introduced / was introduced] their own blogging service, enabling its 35 million members to quickly and easily start blogging.


        (A)              (B)              (C)

① regular ---- creates ---- introduced

② regular ---- creates ---- was introduced

③ regularly ---- creates ---- introduced

④ regularly ---- to create ---- was introduced

⑤ regularly ---- to create ---- introduced




A, B, C 각 네모 안에서 어법에 맞는 표현으로 짝지어져 있는 것은?


A. He looked as if he [doesn’t eat / hadn't eaten] for ten days.


B. They become less discouraged when they realize that they themselves can help [make / making] a better future.


C. In the next century, many commercial activities like paying bills or shopping, will [be completed / complete] through the information superhighway.


            A                      B                   C

① didn’t eat       -     making  -    complete

② hadn’t eaten  -     making  -    be completed

③ didn’t eat       -     make     -    be completed

④ hadn’t eaten  -     make     -    be completed

⑤ hadn’t eaten  -     make     -    complete




다음 중 문법적으로 알맞은 것은?


From his early childhood, Henry Ford always played with machines, ① ignored all else around him. He had a gift for looking at a machine and quickly understanding the principles of its operation. In his early teens he designed a machine that allowed his father ② closing the farm gate without leaving his wagon. At that time, watches also fascinated him. When he ③ had been given a watch as a present, he immediately disassembled it and ④ put together it again. Then he started repairing watches for his friends. His father suggested that he ⑤ be paid for this, but he never listened.


①           ②           ③           ④          ⑤