QUESTION 14 - 17


다음 중 어법상 옳은 문장은?


① She was born at May 10, 1919.

② She graduated for Mount Holyoke College.

③ I have a four-years-old sister.

④ She married a school teacher.

⑤ We all produce many thousands of sign using body parts every day.




다음 밑줄 친 부분의 형태로 알맞은 것은?


Yesterday, I saw the report that you succeed in cloning a cat, which made me so happy.


① have succeeded                           

② succeeded

③ had succeeded                             

④ to succeed

⑤ succeeding       




다음 문장을 같은 의미가 되도록 밑줄 친 부분을 알맞게 고친 문장은?


While he walked along the street, he met an old friend of mine.


① While walked along the street

② He walking along the street

③ While he walking along the street

④ Along the street

⑤ Walking along the street






다음 중 어법상 틀린 문장은?


a. If I were rich, I would go abroad.

b. If he calls me tonight, tell him to wait.

c. I wish I were a bird.

d. He talks as if he knew everything.

e. If you will be a president, make this country better place to live.


① a        ② b      ③ c      ④ d       ⑤ e