QUESTION 10 - 13


다음 글을 읽고 물음에 답하시오


Watching television is “a pastime few see as important or even enjoyable," says John Robinson. "Life would be (A) [ simpler / complicated ] for a lot of people if they could reclaim even a third of the time they spend semi-hypnotized in front of the tube." Robinson and other experts suggest families schedule activities before consulting a TV guide. (B) [ Decide / Don’t decide ] what programs to watch, tape them and promptly turn off the set after replaying. Have certain times - during meals, on Sunday afternoons - when TV is never allowed. The payoff for all this (C) [ complications / simplifying? ] It may be playing with the kids, gardening or traveling. Nothing could be simpler.


다음 (A), (B), (C)의 각 네모 안에서 문맥에 맞는 낱말로 가장 적절한 것은?


        (A)                        (B)                             (C)

① simpler      ……    Decide          ……     simplifying

② simpler      ……    Don’t decide ……     simplifying

③ simpler      ……    Decide          ……     complications

④ complicated …… Decide          ……     complications

⑤ complicated …… Don’t decide ……     simplifying



다음 문장 중 문법적으로 틀린 것은?


a. That beautiful lady has three kids.

b. He was a great president.

c. We are lonely.

d. Drive effectively.

e. Come here fastly.


① a        ② b      ③ c      ④ d       ⑤ e       






다음 글의 다음 빈 칸에 가장 알맞은 것을 선택하시오.

Mr. Kim had a little money in his pocket, so he could buy only

(               ) milk.


① few                                ② little

③ a lot of                           ④ much 

⑤ a little




다음 글의 다음 빈 칸에 가장 알맞은 것을 선택하시오.


There are two questions. One is about your family and __________ is about you. I want honest answers from you.


① other

② others

③ another

④ the other

⑤ the others