QUESTION 42 - 45


다음 글을 읽고 물음에 답하시오


It seems hard to imagine a world without plastics. So many of the items we use every day are made of plastic. The first plastic was synthesized in 1909. A synthetic material is any that is manufactured from chemicals in factories, as opposed to naturally occurring materials, like cotton or wood. Plastics are made primarily from petroleum products and have many advantages over natural products. For one thing, they may be less expensive to produce. More important, however, is that they are light and malleable. Parts for automobiles, aircraft, and many appliances can be easily crafted by plastics. Special kinds of plastics are used for different jobs. Nylon an elastic synthetic resin, is a type of plastic that can be used to make clothing.


The passage is mainly concerned with _______________ .


① the usefulness of nylon

② the use of petroleum products

③ the advantages of plastic

④ the ecological dangers associated with plastics

⑤ the discomfort caused by using plastic




다음 빈칸에 들어갈 말로 가장 적절한 것을 고르시오.

Most people think their conscious minds control everything they do. They generally believe the conscious mind constantly __________________. These beliefs are false. Consider walking, for example, which is something that most people do over and over all day long. Do you consciously control the movements of your legs and feet? Does your conscious mind have to say, “Now pick up the left foot, swing it forward, hold it high enough so it doesn’t touch the ground, set down the heel, roll forward, shift weight off the back foot,” and so on? Of course not. Most of the time, walking is done without conscious thoughts or intentions.


① create new ideas

② directs their actions

③ includes their actions

④ helps to improve themselves

⑤ communicates with the unconscious




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Although all human beings share the same basic genetic blueprint, genes that make up that blueprint, or genome, vary from individual to individual. For example, imagine two people, each dressed in the same garments. If one wears a cashmere sweater and the other a cotton sweater, the one in cashmere will probably be warmer. But not necessarily. What if the cashmere-clad person is caught in an Arctic snowstorm while the cotton wearer visits a Florida beach? In that case, the one in cashmere will feel considerably _______________ despite the warm sweater because of the different environment. Similarly, someone who inherits the version of a particular gene that's associated with obesity will be more likely to wind up fat than someone who inherits a normal version, but that tendency can be affected by environmental factors such as how much fattening food is available. So once researchers have identified the genes of obesity, they must find out how the genes interact with a person's environment.


The most appropriate word for the blank is _________.

① chillier                           ② warmer

③ balmier                          ④ hotter

⑤ better




다음 글을 읽고 물음에 답하시오


American writers seem even more exuberant and less restrained by a respect for words than English writers. Possibly their polyglot traditions make them less fastidious and less aware of the real meanings. But as long as the principles of clearness and sincerity are jealously maintained, the bad mean words will surely die out in time. The language is the living embodiment of the soul of a people; the American often seems to make more noise than necessary to attract attention to himself. For, after all, the exaggerated style and the crude colors of the popular journalist are as frequently due to vanity as to sheer inability to state information clearly and straightforwardly. The use of coarse or blatant words with intent to surprise or shock is often _____________________________________.



다음 중, 빈칸에 들어가기에 가장 적절한 것은?

① no more than exhibitionism on the part of a young writer

② the explosive expression of genuine young writer

③ sheer lack of experience in the English speech

④ the traditional writing style of American literature

⑤ to mask their search for the profound truth behind the lifestyle of America