QUESTION 38 - 41


아래 글을 한 문장으로 요약할 때, 빈 칸 (A), (B)에 들어갈 말로 알맞게 짝지어진 것은??


There were men soldiers and women soldiers in an army camp. Every Sunday morning, they all went to church, but a lot of the soldiers did not like it much. In the church, there was a choir of only men soldiers and Captain Jones was trying to find women soldiers to sing in it. None of the women soldiers in the camp wanted to do this. One day Captain Jones saw a new woman soldier. She was a tall, very beautiful girl. Captain Jones went to her and said, "Would you mind becoming a member of the choir at our church?"

The girl was very surprised and said, "But, sir, I can't sing at all!"

"Oh, that's all right," answered Captain Jones. "That doesn't matter at all. You don't need to sing. If you are in the choir, men soldiers will begin to have an interest when they are in church."


Captain Jones wanted the women soldier to (A)____________ the choir because he wanted to (B)_____________ .


        (A)                                     (B)

① draw in            -           please women soldiers

② make happen -            take care of men soldiers

③ join                 -            draw other choir member's interest

④ serve              -            invite some guests

⑤ bring in           -            make the choir larger




다음 빈칸에 들어갈 말로 가장 적절한 것을 고르시오.


It is very important to help poor countries, but it’s not simple. We should be giving money or food directly to the poor in emergencies like an earthquake or flood. In less emergent situations, however, providing food can make people dependent. If a developed country gives food to a poor country, its local farmers will find it difficult to produce food to sell. We need to help poor people to earn their own money, or to produce their own food. Just giving them money or food is not a good idea. We have to find a way to help them __________________________.


① encounter poverty

② prevent natural disasters

③ supported free of charge

④ develop a new technology

⑤ stand on their own two feet




다음 글을 요약할 때 다음 빈칸 (A)와 (B)에 들어갈 것을 알맞은 것은?


A survey was carried out in Newtown, California. The results of the survey showed that only a few people have used public transportation in the last two weeks but most people travel around town by car. Most of the people interviewed have bought a hamburger in a plastic container and few people have picked up litter and put it in a trash bin. A small number of people have taken bottles to a bottle bank or recycled paper but none of the people interviewed has paid more for something because it is environmentally friendly. A large number of people have worn fur coats and everybody has used plastic bags for their shopping.



The results of the survey suggest that (A) __________ of Newtown, California (B) __________________________________________________


          (A)                                    (B)

① the environment     -      is largely comfortable

② the citizens            -      are mostly spending too much for food

③ the citizens            -      are mostly indifferent to the environment

④ the city authority    -      is concerned about economy

⑤ the city authority    -      is near-sighted in education policy




다음의 문장이 들어가야 할 곳으로 알맞은 것은?


[With this problem, we normally seek to find the winner. ]


There is a single tennis tournament. It is a knockout tournament. ① One player plays against another and the winner plays the winner of another match - and so on until there is a final winner. ② There is one final, two semi-finals, four quarter-finals, and so on. ③ Now, let's suppose there are 72 entries. How many games will be required to find the winner? I sometimes use this problem in my seminars, and the audience usually get quite upset when I only give them 10 seconds to find the answer. ④ With lateral thinking, there is another possibility. Forget about a winner; let us find the losers. ⑤ Each game produces one loser. So, 71 games are needed. That only takes five seconds.