QUESTION 23 - 25

[23-29] 문법적으로 틀린 문장을 고르시오.


(A) Stand as it is on a hill, the apartment commands a fine view.

(B)  Please call me whenever it is convenient for you.

(C)  Don't read such books as will do you harm.

(D)  I'd rather you didn't come with me.






(A) Peking is most densely populated city in the world.

(B) The man who fixed my car accidentally broke the fan.

(C) It is always difficult to make hard decisions.

(D) He has driven to work every day since he bought that new car.






(A) My manager said it was all right to turn in the report late.

(B) Sandy beach is no different than Marble Beach when it comes to facilities.

(C) Jamie doesn't listen well because he daydreams too much.

(D) Jeff was enthusiastic about the letter he received from the office.