QUESTION 20 - 22

[20-22] 문법적으로 올바른 문장을 고르시오.


(A) I was listening the music.          

(B) I play violin, but not piano.

(C) I told them not to make a noise.  

(D) He did not speak loud and clear.



(A) The Secretary-General of the United Nations says, "We must get these talks start again."

(B) Plan to build a comprehensive monorail system is a citizen-initiated proposal.

(C) You are supposed to fertilize your rose bushes if you expect them to produce any flowers.

(D) The movie Titanic is on its way to become the highest-grossing movie of all time.






(A) I believe that what I said was fair. I don't regret to say it.

(B) "Did you remember to call your sister?" "Oh no, I completely forgot. I'll phone her tomorrow."

(C) Ben joined the company nine years ago. He became assistant manager of the company after two years. A few years later he went on becoming manager of the company.

(D) We tried putting the fire out, but we were unsuccessful. We had to call the fire department.