QUESTION 16 - 19

[16-19]: 다음 중 빈칸에 들어갈 알맞은 단어는 무엇인가요?


Please be advised that we don't simply subtract the beginning date _________ the ending date to count the number of days in paid break.

(A) for                (B) on                 (C) of      (D) from



According to the contract, __________ deposits must be sent to the general office.


(A) all       (B) all of      (C)mostly    (D) most of all






There is no railroad system on Cheju Island, nor _____________ a subway system.


(A) there is not    (B) it is    (C) is it   (D) is there






Farmers can __________ a contract with the mill to lock in a certain price in order to be protected against falling prices.

(A) draw in    (B) draw on   (C) draw out   (D)draw up