QUESTION 13 - 15


Parrots and mynah birds are famous for their ability to reproduce human speech. Mynah birds can imitate human vowel sounds better than parrots, but parrots can remember a larger vocabulary. The record is 100 words. The parrot, with its vivid green and red feathers, is more brightly colored than the black mynah bird. Many parrots learn to associate particular word with specific actions. They may say “good bye” when someone leaves the room or “hello” when the telephone rings. It is difficult, however, to show that such words have a real meaning for the parrot. _______________________________.

(A) The parrot has a very complicated means of delivering meaning

(B) They do not serve among parrots for communication

(C) Words cannot be linked to expression of one's ideas

(D) Human action has something to do with a message






In the case of a living author, an appraisal of his personal character on the basis of his writings might unduly honor him, or, on the other hand, justify a suit for libel. No critic would venture to the judge by such an unreliable criterion. For he knows that a weakling can write a novel of blood and passion or a play full of ______. On the other hand, a red-blooded scoundrel sometimes writes pretty verses which are entirely ______ in character.


(A) goodness ― harmful

(B) naughtiness ― harmless

(C) kindness ― noxious

(D) affection ― abnormal






The instinctive foundation of the intellectual life is curiosity, which is found among animals in its elementary form. Intelligence demands an alert curiosity, but it must be of a certain kind. The sort that leads village neighbors to try to peer through curtains after dark has no very high value. The widespread interest in gossip is inspired, not by love of knowledge, but by malice: no one gossips about other people's secret virtues, but only about their ______.


(A) well-known virtues

(B) public malice

(C) secret vices

(D) unknown advantages