QUESTION 10 - 12


Apples that are green and unripe are not picked from the tree but by a violent plucking, but if they are ripe and mellow, they fall voluntarily down from the tree. So likewise, the young depart out of their life by violent force and painful struggling, but the old die ______.

(A) by a certain ripeness and maturity

(B) from excesses

(C) from dejection

(D) by appointment



The possession of a high degree of intelligence is less important than the judicious application of the intelligence that one does possess. The more brilliant an individual is, the more catastrophic is the ruin resulting from the mis-channeling of these abilities. Those who plod slowly down the right road are likely to go further ultimately than are those who ______.

(A) always travel rapidly

(B) misdirect others while following the right road

(C) follow shortcuts to the right goal

(D) run rapidly in the wrong direction



Different poets concentrate on different ways. In my own mind I make a sharp distinction between two types of concentration: one is immediate and complete, the other is plodding and only completed by stages. Some poets write immediately works which, when they are written, scarcely need revision. Others write their poems by stages, feeling their way ______, until finally, after many revisions, they have produced a result which may seem to have very little connection with their early sketches.

(A) from bad draft to good draft

(B) from good draft to bad draft

(C) from rough draft to rough draft

(D) from first draft to last draft