For the purpose of gathering materials for writing, the man who stays at home and observes closely and accurately, and who reflects upon what he sees will have infinitely more that is worthwhile to write about than he who has been around the world ten times without using his ______.

(A) eyes and minds (B) language (C) money (D) pen and ink



Though its available resources are dwindling, the population of the world is in- creasing. In addition to the biological processes that result in population saturation, this unbalance is aggravated by the effect of medical science in decreasing the death rate and by an unaltered birthrate. The decline of resource potential has been further accentuated by modern warfare, which, we suspect, puts a smaller drain on population than on ______.

(A) medical research   (B) international relations

(C) resources               (D) technology


9. The United States President Andrew Jackson wrote that the congress, the executive, and the court must each for itself be guided by its own opinion of the Constitution. All public officers who take an oath to support the Constitution swear that they will support it, not as it is understood by others, but ______.

(A) according to popular belief

(B) as they are instructed

(C) as they understand it

(D) regardless of their opinions