QUESTION 41 - 43

41. ~ 42.

다음 글을 읽고, 물음에 답하시오.

American people's efforts on a serious level to locate any tradition ran up against the blank wall of their past, which offered them no (A)heritage but that of change. As                                           at earlier periods when Americans desired the reliable rules of conduct that would (B)relieve them of the need for individual decision, they felt most keenly the lack of (C)discontinuity with the past. If only they had not moved so much, then they would have known what (D)authority to obey. As it was, having left the homes of their fathers, they were always exposed to the burden of making up their own minds. And when the pressure was too great, they embarked upon an earnest, frantic search for to supply the support that freed them from the necessity for uncomfortable choices.



                                                                                      - Oscar Handlin: The Americans



다음 중, 문맥상 빈칸에 들어가기에 가장 적절한 것은?


(A) antecedents

(B) theories         

(C) anecdotes

(D) policies                                    



(A)~ (D)중, 문맥상 적절하지 않게 쓰인 것을 찾으시오(단답형).



다음 글을 읽고, 물음에 답하시오.

In travelling by land there is a continuity of scene and a connected succession of persons and incidents. We drag, as it were, ‘a lengthening chain’ at each remove of our journey: we can trace it back link by link and we feel that the last still grapples us to home. But a wide sea voyage severs us at once. It makes us conscious of being cast loose from the secure anchorage of settled life, and sent adrift upon a doubtful world. It interposes a gulf, not merely imaginary, but real, between us and our homes; a gulf subject to tempest, and fear, and uncertainty, rendering distance palpable, and return precarious.



                                                                                            - Washington Irving: Voyage


다음 중, 낱말이 본문에서 사용된 뜻으로 잘못 풀이된 것은?


(A) succession: The achievement of something desired, planned, or attempted.

(B) remove: Distance or degree of separation or remoteness.

(C) grapple: To seize firmly, as with the hands.

(D) gulf: A deep, wide chasm; an abyss.