[1~15]: 다음 중 빈칸에 들어갈 알맞은 단어를 고르시오.


When Suzanne got married, she expected happiness to come ______, but it did not.

It took several years and many arguments before she and her husband were truly happy.

(A) hostile (B) externally (C) instantly (D) radically


We know that too much animal fat is bad for our health. For example, Americans eat a lot of meat and only a small amount of grains, fruit, and vegetables. Because of their diet, they have high rates of cancer and heart disease. In Japan, in contrast, most people eat large amounts of grains and very little meat. The Japanese ______.

(A) have very low rates of cancer and heart disease

(B) have similar rates of cancer and heart disease

(C) have no health-related problems

(D) live shorter than Americans



No house hold in the English-speaking world is ______ unless it contains a copy of the Holy Bible and of the works of William Shakespeare. It is necessary that these books should be read in mature years, but they must be present as symbols of Religion and English Culture.

(A) very queer (B) very poor (C) poverty-stricken (D) properly furnished